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OneDrive & Sharepoint data backup

Although data stored within OneDrive is very secure and it provides some versioning controls for files there are ways to accidentally or maliciously completely remove files from OneDrive without any way to retrieve them.


This is due to Microsoft not actually backing your files up and allowing you to restore them.


Microsoft explicitly states that they are not responsible for any data loss due to negligence or malicious activities within your account.

Remember - Ransomware attacks on any computers connected to OneDrive will attack and encyrpt data stored within OneDrive. Learn more about our Ransomware protection.

Therefore it is your responsibility to backup the data stored within OneDrive.


For many businesses the responsibility to retain the data is of critical importance and it may even be required by law.


AusDrive provides a facility to allow you to backup your data from OneDrive to Microsoft's Sydney Azure DataCentre.

All backup functionality is fully supported by the AusDrive team.

Monthly pricing - $5.90 inc GST per backed up OneDrive/Sharepoint account - no setup fee.



  • unlimited storage

  • Australian based storage facility (Azure)

  • no setup fee

  • no fixed term contracts - just use month to month

  • fully supported by AusDrive helpdesk