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Office365 Email backup

For many businesses the ability to restore email messages that were deleted months and even years prior could be of critical importance. It may even be required by law.

The email service provided by Microsoft within Office365 (Exchange Online) does have a built in backup feature but it only allows for any email deleted in the last 14 days to be restored. However, any emails deleted after 14 days are gone forever. 

Our service allows those using Exchange Online to backup their email permanently with no restrictions. 


The unlimited Office365 backup service allows you to setup a regular backup of the data contained within your Office365 account (including data in your OneDrive folder) and means you can restore a deleted email months and years from the date you deleted it. All backups happen "cloud to cloud" so your PC never has to backup your data to the cloud.

All backup functionality is fully supported by the AusDrive team and all data is retained within Australian in the Microsoft's Sydney Azure DataCentre.

Office365 components that can be backed up include;

  • Email

  • Contacts

  • Calendars

  • Tasks

  • OneDrive

  • Sharepoint

The service can be applied to all or just some of your email mailboxes.

Monthly Pricing - $5.90 inc GST per backed up mailbox - no setup fee


  • unlimited storage

  • Australian based storage facility (Azure)

  • no setup fee

  • no fixed term contracts - just use month to month

  • fully supported by AusDrive helpdesk

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