i360cloud - FileSharing

Service Overview


AusDrive Cloud Data Storage & File Sharing allows you to share your files and folders between PCs, servers and mobile devices to enable colleagues to use them via the Internet. All data is stored within Microsoft's Azure DataCentre in Australia and underpinned by the OneDrive for Business file management system. Access is using a web browser or an app.





Monthly subscription


$13.90 Inc GST per user account

Two user accounts required for FileSharing


- 1 TB of data storage per organisation (plus 10GB per additional account) 

- Free setup and configuration of accounts

- Month to month contract

- Ongoing support (during business hours)

- Encryption of Data at rest - using disk level and file level: 256bit keys

- Encryption of Data in transit - using SSL: 2048bit keys

- Optional Two Factor Authentication access

- Optional additional/extended backups


​Service features

1 - Real support
Support is the single most defining aspect of IT services. Poorly supported IT services are frustrating and in the worst case cost money. AusDrive is a supported service and is not just a website. AusDrive is part of the Innovation 360 group of services and is backed by a team of Australian based engineers and helpdesk support.


2 - Australian based data storage
Centralised access to Australian-based data – you can connect to your files from anywhere at anytime ensuring maximum productivity across their team. 

3 - Restore previous file versions
File Versioning and undelete - AusDrive allows you to restore previous versions of your files and folders if needed. You can review and download any and all revisions of individual files separately - not simply revert to a previous version. You can see all deleted files with AusDrive and "undelete" any you choose. When you undelete/restore a file you also restore all previous versions of that file. Please note for full data protection both AusDrive and Microsoft recommend backing up your OneDrive data -  learn more.

4 - Set folder permissions
Team folders - You can create separate folders within AusDrive and limit access to groups of people. For example, admin staff, management, operational staff etc. This way staff only have access to the data they need and private information is kept private. You can even link folders that are on your PC into AusDrive so they are shared and backed up.

5 - Simple file syncing system
Your files are synced from your PC to the cloud and then re-synced to other users that you nominate. You always have full control over your files.

You and your colleagues can also access these files via a web browser. You can also open and edit MS Office documents live online within the web browser at no additional cost.


6 - Certified Cloud Provider
AusDrive uses Microsoft's OneDrive for Business' Australian storage within MS Azure exclusively to host the service. MS Azure is one of the few Certified Cloud Service Providers listed within the Australian Federal Government's ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) Certified Cloud Service Providers list.

See Microsoft's full compliance details.